Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Motivation, lots of Procrastination

I have been the Queen of procrastination, exhibit A: this blog..., I really haven't felt like I have had anything worth posting and anything I have thought of I kept pushing off posting it until I have forgotten all about it completely. My schedule is super repetitious and at the end of each day I am wiped out... plus it's even harder because Brian goes to bed at 9 every night and I have been so bored that I have started to go to bed at the same time (which is killer in the morning for me because I lay in bed awake for at least an hour before getting ready for work, I thought I could go running but it's still dark outside and I refuse to run in the dark).

So today I was going over in my head all of the things I need to do and all the things I want to do and decided to make a list...

My NEED to do list:
  • Organize my office/guest room/future(oneday)baby room
  • Take my sewing machine in for repair (neither Brian, myself or my mom know how to fix it)
  • Finish going through my childhood boxes my parents dumped off in my garage
  • Take old clothes to DI
  • Organize my kitchen cupboards
  • Paint my garage (maybe)
My WANT to do list:
  • Jewelry frame board (I have been wanting to make a jewelry organizer since last year, I just haven't found a frame I'm in love with or one that is big enough for my long necklaces)
  • More flower head bands
  • Refashion some old shirts
  • Replace base boards
  • Cards for all occasions
  • Memory quilt (in the boxes of junk my parents brought me I found a ton of shirts from sports, youth conference, EFY and the like, I know I will NEVER wear any of them again but I didn't want to just give them to DI or throw them away. I am going to cut out the logos and special designs and put them together to make a quilt of memories) eventually. :o)
  • Baby girl jewelry/accessories (my sister in law is pregnant with their second, a GIRL!)
I know there is more on that list I just can't remember it all... so for now I think I have my work cut out for me.

Hopefully by making this list I will muster up enough energy to work on SOMETHING and be able to check off the things on my list. WISH ME LUCK!!!

Honeybear Lane

I think I just might have found a new project... well at least a new project to add to my ever growing list of projects... I was perusing all of my fun favorite craft blogs and stumbled across this gem: Honeybear Lane. It was being featured on another blog I love, Make It and Love It.

I am just barely getting into the ocean of a hobby that is quilt making. I have made a few rag quilts and have made a few other fun simple quilts, but nothing too extravagant. There are literally thousands of different kinds of quilts and techniques out there and millions of people that possess far more patience than I do that make them. For the past few years that I have been married I have decided, now don't hold me to this just in case I don't do it, that I would love to make my baby's bedding.... NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT, nor am I announcing anything. I haven't really found anything that I am in love with until just yesterday when I saw these gorgeous Puff Baby Quilts:

Aren't they ADORABLE?! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make one of these and matching bumper pads... lucky for me... I have a while before I have to pick out colors and commit to this huge undertaking. :o)