Saturday, February 9, 2013

12 MONTHS!!!

24 LBS 11 ounces (98% percentile) 31 1/2 inches (98% percentile)

He walks!!  Ethan has been walking up a storm! He is still very hesitant to walk all the time, especially because he can move around so much faster if he crawls but it's only a matter of time before he is running around the house.

He is still very independent and is starting to throw tantrums if I pick him up when he is playing or take something away that he shouldn't have.  It is usually in the morning before his bath that he is very sensitive and extra wiggly.

Ethan is very happy and playful.  He loves to jibber jabber and it really sounds like he is speaking in sentences because he fluctuates his "words."  

Ethan is the hardest baby to find shoes for!  His feet are so thick that they don't fit in any!  I had to take him to Target and find ones that are loose and big so he can slide his feet in.  I wouldn't mind it so much if the weather were warmer but it is so cold and he hates wearing socks so I had to find something to put on his feet.

This little man knows how to make his mamma happy.  When he is tired he will come over, hug me and lay his head on my shoulder.  I melt.  He also will tilt his head or lay it on a pillow and wait for me to say, "Awwwwe."  SO CUTE!  I cannot get enough.  

He has the most kissable cheeks in the entire world, they are soft and pillowy!  I just want to hold him and kiss them all day long.  Surprisingly he lets me a lot.

This month we went to his Grandma Celia's wedding and he was all over the place chasing after his 4 year old cousin Aiden.  He wanted so bad to get up and run with him but his little legs couldn't quite keep up.  He had a great time just crawling everywhere.  Ethan loves to dance!  He was dancing all over the place.  His dancing is him rocking his head and body back and forth, I must say it is the cutest thing to watch.  He has a train at home that plays music and whenever he hears it he stops what he is doing and dances.  I love it!!  I just hope he keeps dancing for the rest of his life. 

This month we also went to Disneyland a lot and he met lots of new characters.  He met Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Sully.  For the first time ever he was ecstatic to meet them!  He laughed and smiled like crazy, we were in heaven!  

Ethan is in size 3 diapers and 12-18 month clothes.

21 LBS 10 oz (50% percentile) 31 inches (90% percentile)

Ellie is such a happy little lady.  She just loves to laugh and laugh.  Brian and I love to tickle her and kiss her like crazy.  

She is starting to walk too!  Ellie has taken 5 steps in a row at most and the best part is that the first time she did it was when her daddy gave her pickles!  She liked them so much that she stood up and walked to him for more!  Silly girl!  Her and Ethan LOVED the pickle and cried when daddy had to cut up more for them.  They were so upset that he was out.  

Ellie is talking more and more each day.  She has mastered a couple interesting words like basketball, Baxter, Cracker, Pickle and Tickle tickle.  Yes, I am aware that there are similarities but it is still impressive.   When I get out the goldfish crackers she will say "cracker."  The doctor says her talking is very advanced for this age. 

Ellie loves the Disney princesses but is not a fan of the furry characters.  She screamed and cried when we introduced her to Sully.  

Ellie loves to dance and roll around on the floor.  She sits and spins in circles when she is happy and cracks herself up.  I will be in the kitchen and all of the sudden hear her laughing, when I look in the room she is spinning around giggling like crazy.  ADORABLE!  I especially love when she gets so into dancing that she doesn't stop when the music does.  

She loves wearing shoes and putting them in her mouth.  When we push her around in the stroller I will often see her with one foot in her mouth.  Silly girl.  

Ellie has a blanket that she is attached to.  It is flannel on one side and satin on the other.  When we put her to bed she grabs it and holds it while putting her thumb in her mouth.  So sweet.  Lately she has been making sure to grab it in the mornings when I take her out of bed.  She loves it and I love that she has something comforting to cling to, not to mention something I made for her.  

Ellie loves stuffed animals and dolls.  She will take them and hold them close to her.  She has one doll and it has plenty of wear on it.  When we go to Disneyland Brian will give her a doll or some fluffy stuffed animal and she will hug it and love it, that is until he takes it away from her and puts it back on the shelf, what a tease.  She definitely needs a new doll though, something soft and plush but better than her little worn one she presently has.

Ellie has a security blanket, it's one little tiny one that I made before she was born.  She sleeps with it and lately always picks it up and brings it with her in the morning.  She loves to hold it in one hand and put her thumb in her mouth to sleep.  It's satin on one side and soft flannel on the other.  

Ellie wears size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes.

They love to talk!  They will wake up around 7:00 AM and talk to each other until 7:30 when I finally get out of bed to get them.  They also love to mimic each other, if one coughs the other will cough, silly babies.

Both babies are starting to enjoy our trips to Disneyland a lot more.  One of their favorite rides is the carousel.  They will hold the handles and rock back and forth dancing to the music.  When the ride stops they hold tight to the handles not wanting to be done.  They also love to look around and dance to all the music throughout the park.  

I am starting to wean them onto regular milk and it is quite a challenge.  They both didn't like the taste of regular milk at first but Ethan is starting to come around.  Ellie on the other hand won't even put the bottle in her mouth once she knows it's regular milk in there.  I feel so blessed to be able to nurse them this long.  I honestly can't believe my body has been able to produce so much to feed both babies.  It has been such a joy and I know I am going to miss it.  

The babies love playing pass the basketball with mommy or daddy, they will grab the ball and push it back and forth.   

They sleep from 7PM until 730AM, waking usually only once to eat.  They also take 2 naps a day, although I know that won't last much longer.  Sometimes they spend the whole time just jibber jabbering back and forth with each other.  I love to listen on the baby monitor.  

I can't believe my babies are actually a year old.  It's amazing how fast time flies.  I feel like the first birthday party should partly be a party for the parents and how they survived!   This past year has been incredible, sometimes incredibly difficult but mostly incredibly wonderful.  I love being a mom and can't imagine my life any different.  We are so lucky to have such a hard working man take care of us and make it possible for me to stay home with them.  I love watching the bonds between the babies and Brian grow, they all adore each other and I adore all of them.  Here is to many more memories and milestones.  We did it!  They are still alive and well!