Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Take me out to the ball game!

Last night we took the babes to their first baseball game!  Everyone was sporting the Angels colors, even the babies had little Angels onesies!  We were so lucky to share this with both Grandpa George and Grandpa Neilson!

The Angels played the Mariners and it was an awesome game!  I don't think Ellie agreed though, the Angels got two back to back home runs which of course had everyone up and cheering as well as fireworks after each one to celebrate...she was not happy about it, she screamed and cried so of course we had to capture it on film  :o)  All in all though the babies did very well and everyone had a great time!

Here are a few pictures of our night

At 4 Months...

4 Months

Ethan aka Bubba, Big Man, Love Bug
Weight: 17.6 lbs 90%, Length 27 inches 98%  BIG BOY!!!

Loves to talk to himself, I catch him all the time just babbling along
Loves to stare at his hands
Loves to cuddle with Mama and almost anyone else
Loves to chew on his hands
Knows how to roll over!  He did it first on May 30!
Can hold his head up
Will stand but not for very long
Not a big fan of being held up high
Has the cutest giggles and he really makes you work for them.
Loves his Mama, he is now able to grip with his arms and I love, love, love it!  A few weeks ago I was reaching across him for Ellie and he wrapped his arms around my arm, my heart melted, it was the sweetest thing.
He is the easiest baby, he will sit with practically anyone and not make a peep, just mold his little body to theirs and hang out.
He likes to stare and recently is noticing Mama eat, I think he is almost ready for rice cereal which makes me happy and sad at the same time.  They grow way too fast!
Just started to notice himself in the mirror
Is starting to splish splash a little in the bath
He is starting to grab things, other than my hair, like this giant giraffe thing and his pacifier
When he gets upset he doesn't cry, he yells wah wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh almost like he is speaking the sounds like words, it is SO loud.
He still has blue eyes but now with a hint of brown in the center

Ellie aka Peanut, Little Lady, Sweetie
Weight: 14.3lbs 30%, 25cm 55%  My little lady bug

Loves to talk to Mama and Daddy we think she knows "hi" "clean" (although it sounds more like keen) and Brian swears she says "igloo" ha
Loves her Daddy, lights up and smiles whenever she sees him (melts my heart)
Smiles all the time and at almost anyone
Loves sleeping in her swing, she will sleep for hours in it
She loves being held up high like an airplane, she thinks it is so funny
She can stand really well, almost without us holding her
She laughs all the time which is my new favorite sound
She sucks her adorable little thumb when she gets tired, it is the sweetest thing ever.
When I get the babies in the middle of the night for their feeding I don't talk to them (it helps them go right back to bed) but Ellie is usually all smiles so I smile at her and fight so hard not to open my mouth and talk to her.
She is very high maintenance, she wants to be held and bounced all the time.  If you put her down she gets sad and pouts her little lips. (Yep already knows how to work the heart strings)
Sometimes she will wake up with the saddest screams and cries, I was told they are separation cries, breaks my heart.
She still has blue eyes but now with a hint of brown in the center

Both babies are going through this phase where they get really quiet and straight faced when they are in anywhere but home.  They are wide eyed taking everything in and once they do then they seem to relax slightly and begin to nervously smile as long as mom or dad are holding them.

They are very happy babies and they LOVE being talked to. If I want to get anything done they have to be napping or really into their play mat otherwise they want attention and I cannot resist giving it to them.

They will play under their play mat for anywhere from 5-30 minutes and kick and grab the hanging toys.  They also love to stare at the little star that lights up and plays music.

They got their first cold, although mild, this last week and it completely ruined their sleeping pattern.  They were slightly congested and had tiny coughs.  They went from sleeping 9:30PM-3:30AM-7:30AM to down at 10 up at 12, 1, 3, 4, 6, 8.... not fun... I felt like I had newborns again.

Lately they have both become very shy, they will stare at people but not smile, especially Ethan, he just stares. Ellie will smile but then look away and bury her face in my shirt.