Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Caribbean Vacation

We just got back from a much needed vacation to the land of the Caribbean. It was awesome! I am going to attempt to blog about everything but bare with me... I don't do this often...

Oh and let me apologize ahead of time for all those that read our blog and Ryan and Missy's blog because I have a feeling they will be pretty similar considering we were together on this vacation. :-)

Beginning -Wednesday night we drove to my Aunt Arlene and Uncle Rick's house in LA, they were kind enough to let us bunk there for the evening. It made it so much easier and less stressful because we had to be at LAX early Thursday morning.

Day 1- Thursday

7:30 AM- We arrived at LAX airport and were all smiles as we knew our next stop would be Mexico!

We arrived in the evening and got settled in our amazing rooms, made reservations at three restaurants and got straight into our swimsuits for a nighttime swim. We were in heaven!
Day 2- Friday-
We woke up early and bought our activities for the week. We spent the day swimming in the gorgeous clear blue ocean and chased sea turtles, it was amazing.

The only bummer to this day was that I cut the bottom of my left foot on some coral while we were exploring the tide pools and so for our whole vacation I was limping and hurting.
For dinner we ate at a restaurant called the Carib, they served Caribbean food which Missy and I both thought was ok, but Ryan and Brian took advantage of the sea food dishes and enjoyed it more.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this but after dinner we went to a Variety Show that the hotel put on and it was the most interesting, surprising and unique show I have ever seen. All of our faces were blank as we watched the cast perform Disney songs with thick accents and wild costumes. At the end of the show they brought up members of the audience and Ryan and I were some of the lucky ones who got to go on stage and dance. We had so entertainment that night that we skipped all other shows.

Day 3- Saturday-
Brian and I booked what's called the Tulum Extreme Adventure which includes Repelling, Zip-lining, snorkeling and touring of the Tulum ruins. Here are some great pictures from that:

1st- Repelling-

2nd Zip-lines:

3rd Snorkeling: 4th Tulum-
That night we ate at the Rodizio which is a Brazilian restaurant. I think it was my favorite, not only did we have lots of yummy meats, but we had the best rich chocolate dessert! I am all about desserts and this one took the cake!
Day 4- Sunday-
We spent the day at the hotel just lounging around and sun bathing... they have these great hammocks everywhere and so we all got one and took naps...

In the afternoon we went to Playa Del Carmin and walked around all the shops. Brian and I found a guy with two monkeys so we had to get pictures!
For dinner we went to a French restaurant that was absolutely beautiful inside!

Day 5- Monday-
Our last excursion was a Snorkeling Adventure! We drove almost 2 hours to get to a beach in between construction of two hotels and then took boats out to the reef close off shore. We stopped at two different areas, one shallow (4-8 ft) and one deep (18-30 ft). My favorite was the deep because of all the coral,it was gorgeous, the only downer was that it wasn't calm, it was a little choppy so I got a little sick... here are some pictures:

Unfortunately, this day was the only day I got sunburned... bad! The back of my legs and ankles got fried!

Day 6- Tuesday
This was our last day in paradise... I was really bummed...
Then we ate breakfast and jumped in the pool.
We had such a great time on this vacation that we were all a little bummed to go home... Missy and I especially...

We spent 4 hours at the Cancun airport waiting for a plane to come in and didn't get home until 2 AM this morning... it was a great vacation and now I am exhausted as I am sure you must be if you read this entire post!