Sunday, February 20, 2011

I have an office!!

So this last week I moved from my cubicle to an office... I mean I have a door now!! A door!! And walls, not panels!! I'm so excited but now I have a dilemma, how the heck am I going to decorate?? I need your help!

Here is my cubicle and here is my office.....

I know these pictures are not super great quality so bare with me... Any ideas???

Terrariums and Lemons

I love my credenza, I just don't love decorating it. I never know what to put on it. I've seen so many creative ways people do it but often times they use really expensive decor that just doesn't fit my budget. Well a few weeks ago I noticed these adorable glass jar terrariums and fell in love!! My Aunt Jamie had three of them on her piano and I just had to ask how she made them. I was shocked at how simple and cheap it was. Two days later I was out hunting for jars and enlisting Jamies help.

Here's what you do if you want to make your own.... Find a glass jar, you can find them at any craft store for relatively inexpensive especially if you have a coupon. Then you add small rocks in the bottom, pour in some dirt (when I went to the hardware store to buy the plants they saw what I was doing, because I brought my jars in with me, and offered me a free little bag of soil) and add a succulent or two then you're done! Easy as one, two, three!! They are great too because you don't have to water them which is perfect for me seeing as I have a black thumb and kill every plant I've ever owned.

I have realized that I love decorative glass jars so I also got a bunch of lemons and put them in an apothecary jar I already had. I love the natural look both these ideas bring to my entry way.