Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello, my name is Desiree and I'm addicted to Facebook.  Ever since I got my iTouch I have not been able to put it down, Brian can confirm this as he tells me every day that I am addicted. Whether it's Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Solitaire or the like, it has taken hold of my life and created an addicted monster.  

A little while ago a friend of mine said goodbye to Facebook, not forever, but for a little while.  When I read that I was intrigued, could I go even a full day without my Facebook fix?  I am happy to report I can!  As of right now I haven't been on Facebook in six days!! I do realize how ridiculous this may seem but it's crazy how freeing it is.  I didn't quite understand my addiction of reading status's, checking out photos, looking up old friends until now... And for what? Knowing useless information? Now don't get me wrong, I still love that time sucker but for right this second we are taking a break. Who knows how long this will really last, but for right now I am having fun forcing myself to do other things with my time, it has been no easy feat by any means but I am certainly enjoying myself.  

Ha! Watch, after this I'll break this goofy streak and succumb to my addiction once again in the ever time wasting world of Facebook... Here's to self control! Cheers!