Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

I love this time of year! We had a very packed schedule and it was absolutely fabulous!

On Christmas Eve Brian and I got to spend the night to ourselves. We made a huge gingerbread house, which you will see later as the centerpiece on my table. I made dinner with pork, potatoes, carrots, fresh baked rolls and Sparkling Cider. It was great and extremely simple! Then we exchanged gifts. Here are a couple pictures from those festivities.

A funny thing happened.... Brian and I both got each other something that we already had! I got him the Back to the Future trilogy and he got me the Julie Andrews Biography! It was pretty funny.

I really wanted new boots, these are the Argyle boots from UGG. EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE!

I also got an Angels jersey, Mickey Apron and Walt Disney's Biography.

I finally caved in and bought Brian a Wii, he loves it!
He is now an expert at Mario Brothers!

The next morning we went to my parents house at 7AM to open presents with all the kids! We got my parents another photo book, this time of our cruise to Mexico with them back in August. They loved it! We also got my dad a CD and my mom a Cricut cartridge.
Then at 9:00 AM we had Brian's family over for breakfast. It was fantastic, everything went great and we had a wonderful time!
Later in the day we went back to my parents house for the big Neilson Christmas, unfortunately we forgot to whip out the camera and snap the festivities. :-( We made gingerbread houses, had a gift exchange, and had a delicious dinner!

Our final stop for the night was over to my brother in laws house for a Christmas dessert with Brian's mom, Celia, she flew in from Washington for a week. :-) My sister in law, Claudia, made the best Chocolate molten cake ever! Then we gave Celia the gift that we all pitched in for..... a Coach purse! It was gorgeous and we found it at the outlets in Carlsbad!
Lastly... this part is for my bff,Whitney, she keeps insisting that I put up pictures of our house decorated for Christmas... warning... they are not good pictures and in no way show the full beauty in some of the decorations I found.

My sister in law found these really great vintage tags at Timeless Treasures that we were going to make an advent calendar with but decided to use them by themselves. They are really beautiful.