Saturday, July 7, 2012

5 Months

Approximately 19lbs! Holy Moly!!! We don't have a doctors appointment until 6 months so we don't know his stats.
He is wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes.

He is mobile!
He is rolling over and over and over
He loves his toys
He loves to grab my hands and arms and pull them to him
He loves to chew on his hands
He is like a faucet (teething maybe?)
He is a happy boy but doesn't smile at just anyone
He still stares, it seems like he just stares right through people
He reaches for things and of course puts them in his mouth
He really is such an easy baby
He still goes to anyone
He is standing more and longer
He is so mellow and easy going
He LOVES his tummy, every time I lay him down on his back for bed he turns over and sleeps on his belly
He loves his paci and fortunately only takes it when he is tired or cranky

Ethan is very content, he is okay being set down on a play mat or in the the swing.  He loves to cuddle with Mama and coo.  He loves to touch our faces and put our fingers in his mouth.

He has the softest, plumpest most kissable cheeks. I could his and cuddle him all day.

Ethan is no longer allowed to be on the bed if I am not on it with him.  The other night I got up for their 3AM feeding and Ethan was screaming bloody murder, I picked him up and held him for a minute then put him in the center of my bed, ran to get Ellie and ran back just in time to see Ethan roll himself right off the edge of my bed!  Luckily I got their just in time and he fell right into my arm and never hit the floor.  It scared the heck out of me!  I had to put both screaming babies on the bed and take a breather before I fed them because I was so shaken.  Now Ethan enjoys the floor or the swing when I have to grab Ellie.

Approximately 15.5lbs! My little peanut is not so little anymore!!
She is wearing Size 1 diapers and 3-6 month clothes

She is so alert and happy
She is easily amused
She giggles at the most random things
She smiles when her dad is in the room, even if he is playing with Ethan and not her
She loves to sing to herself
She sucks her thumb when she is tired (I LOVE IT)
She screams when she is tired but falls asleep relatively quickly when she is being held
She is so ticklish! Her little armpits and thighs are the sweet spots that get her laughing
She loves to talk and coo even when no one is paying attention
She grabs my necklaces and plays with them
She still goes to anyone
She loves her daddy
She has no interest in rolling but is starting to lean over to her side
She loves to put her fingers in her mama's mouth

Ellie is very playful.  She is a social butterfly and does not like being put down by herself.  She wants everyone's attention and she will award it with smiles and giggles.

She is starting to do this thing where she is crying but trying to keep her mouth shut. Her bottom lip sticks out when she frowns and she makes the most adorable sad puppy face that it is so hard for me to not pick her up all the time and spoil her.
Our babies are little swimmers!  We took them swimming for the first time a few weeks ago at my parents.  It was late in the day so the water was warm but the air was a little cooler.  Ellie seemed to enjoy herself because when we put her in her float boat she was kicking under water.  Neither one cried or laughed so it has been pretty hard to gauge if they like it or not but we keep going because the weather has been nice and the water has been warm and they don't seem to mind. :o)

This last month we took a trip to Utah for a family reunion and we drove both ways.  It was an experience.  The babies did really well for 9 out of the 10 hours both ways, that other hour it was rough.  I would sit in the back and try and soothe both babies but all they wanted was out of their chairs and into our arms.  At one point I was able to soothe Ellie by putting the Curious George book in her face and she actually grabbed the other end and looked at it like she was reading it.  We took a picture because it was the funniest thing!

Lately both babies have been noticing my food and watching me put it in my mouth.  They are fully ready for cereal but I am holding off until they are 6 months since they are both doing really well just nursing.  For now I am enjoying their new interest.

Both babies are happily enjoying the discovery of their feet, I must say that I love this stage!  They are so stinking cute grabbing their toes and trying to shove them in their mouths.

They are excellent little sleepers.  Right now they are sleeping 8PM-3AM-8AM and it is wonderful!  They nap 3 times a day; 10-12, 2-3 and 4:30-6 give or take an hour here and there.

Lastly, both of them now respond to the sound of their names.  Brian and Ellie were playing where Brian had Ellie's hand on top of his and then make it jump and hit his hand and when he stopped she did it on her own!

I am really loving being a mom, it is the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life. I love watching them grow and discover new things.  I love being able to calm them right down when they are upset.  I love making them laugh and smile.  I love taking care of them.  I love them.