Sunday, June 22, 2008

Karilyn's Wedding 6/7/2008

At 6:30 AM on June 7, 2008 us bridesmaids kidnapped Karilyn (my closest cousin) and took her to breakfast at IHOP. We had a great time in sweats and our homemade t-shirts. Don't look too close, none of us are wearing makeup.!
After our breakfast we spent the whole day primping for the evening ceremony. Kasey and I had our hair in pin curls for the most part of the day, sorry I don't have pictures we looked pretty hott. Then we had to go back to the nail salon because our nails were already chipping from when we got them done the day before, they loved our pin curled hair by the way, we were quite embarrassed because everyone was staring and pointing. When we got back to Heidi's the make up artist was there and we each took our turn getting all dolled up. Lastly, we got our pin curls taken out and the talented hair stylist made it pretty.

Karilyn looked so beautiful I must have gotten teary eyed 4 times that day. I carried a tissue wrapped around my bouquet down the isle just in case I couldn't control myself... don't worry I kept my composure.

It was a beautiful day!