Saturday, July 26, 2008

I hate being sick!

For the past four days I have been sick with a cold and a small case of TMJ. I can hardly open my mouth because the right side of my jaw is "locked." On Tuesday night I started feeling a little congested but thought nothing of it, so the next day I went to work and ended up leaving two hours later. I went to the doctor on Thursday and that is where I found out about my cold and TMJ. The doctor gave me 2 muscle relaxers to help my jaw loosen so I can eat normal but so far my mouth still won't open all the way. I had to take Wednesday through Friday off, I hate taking time off work because of being sick. I have been cooped up in our little condo with nothing to do. Everyone keeps telling me to rest and relax, but I just can't. I hate wasting the day sitting on the couch or in bed. It has been driving me crazy!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I love Birthdays!

I am a lucky girl! I got to celebrate my birthday not once, not twice, but three times! First, on Friday, July 11, we went out with my in-laws. Before we left for the restaurant, Brian surprised me with my very own sewing machine! I am so excited! (This is a really bad picture, so bare with me, it's the only one Brian took.)
After, we met my in-laws to celebrate my father in laws, mine, and Claudia's birthday at the St. Regis, Motif restaurant. It was absolutely beautiful! We sat on the terrace overlooking the ocean .
Then on my actual birthday, July 15th, my office brought me a cake and the entire office sang to me. After, we went to my parents house for dinner and more cake! Sorry I don't have any pictures, we forgot our camera.

On Friday, July 18th, Brian took me to Disneyland and he arranged for us to have dinner at the exclusive Club 33 restaurant. This restaurant isn't open to the public, you have to be a member or know a member to get in. Brian contacted a friend of ours and they were able to get us in. It was a really cool experience. We have Disneyland passes but right now they are blocked because it's summer, but with the Club 33, we got in free and went to both parks. The restaurant is kind of hidden, the only way it is advertised is by a 33 sign outside the door.

When you get there you ring a door bell and they ask you for your last name and verify your reservation before they even let you into the lobby to wait. Then you go up in a French inspired elevator to the second floor where the restaurant is. We sat right next to a window over looking Tom Sawyers Island. The food was pretty good, I had the Salmon and Brian had the New York steak. They brought us out a goat cheese appetizer and I think it made me sick because later that night I felt sick to my stomach.

For dessert they brought us delicious chocolate mousse. It was a great night, well up until I got sick. :-)