Friday, September 7, 2012

Mossy Initial DIMS (Did it Myself)

To say that I love Pinterest would be a MAJOR understatement.  I am constantly pinning and trying different crafts and recipes, I even created a board dedicated to recipes that I have actually tried which you can see  here.    I try at least 3 recipes a week...sometimes more, sometimes less.

This is a craft I pinned months ago and finally got around to doing.  It was super easy, super inexpensive and super quick.  You can find the original post and tutorial here, by Felt So Cute.  

She uses a Styrofoam letter whereas I used a wood one I found at Joann's already cut for $2 and I painted mine black because I didn't have any green paint.  

Here is how it turned out.... I LOVE it.  (Yeah, Blogger still won't let me make the pictures right side up...)


Ethan does the poopy dance

Just a glimpse into my afternoon... at least he is blissfully unaware or affected. And if you can't tell, his diaper exploded down his legs and all over my new rug. :)

7 Months

Approximately 17lbs  We don't have stats this month because we don't go to the doctor until 9 months

Ethan is just the most lovable, cuddle-able, squeezable, kissable baby boy.  I could literally curl up with him all day.  He is mastering getting around, sitting up and growing teeth!

This month he decided that he didn't want to just roll over so he taught himself to sit up.  It was so exciting!  The worst part is that neither Brian nor I saw him do it... we only noticed him sitting up in the pack and play after I laid him down for a few minutes to make dinner.  Brian came in and said, "Well, I guess he knows how to sit up now."  I was in shock!  The weirdest thing for me was going to his crib to soothe him at night and finding him sitting up.  Needless to say we lowered the crib.

He isn't fully crawling but is SO close.  He takes small scoots but knows how to get to where he wants.  In our living room he LOVES Baxter's dog bed.  No matter where you put him down in the room he finds his way over to it.

He is very easily entertained and loves to play with his toys.  He chews on his new sippy cup rather than drinking from it.  He loves Ellie, he will sit and stare at her or grab her feet and put them in his mouth.  He also likes to grab her face which she isn't a fan of.

On August 26th he got his FIRST TOOTH!!!!  The day before he spent the whole day chomping on Aunt Lisa's finger and now has something to show for it.  I almost cried!!! My baby is growing up!!  Then, if that wasn't enough, not even three days later he cut his SECOND TOOTH!  Insane!!

Approximately 13lbs Again, no stats this month

Ellie is the happiest, giggliest, wiggliest little lady.  She is SO ticklish and Brian and I LOVE to tickle her and make her laugh all the time!  She is mastering rolling over, sitting without falling over, stealing whatever her brother has, playing by herself and talking as much as possible.

This month Ellie has been learning to play by herself and with Ethan.  She is quite the little thief, one thing you have to understand about Ellie is she doesn't use a pacifier, she prefers to suck on her thumb and occasionally will chew on a pacifier if she is in the mood, BUT if Ethan has his pacifier she goes after it.  She LOVES taking it out of his mouth and putting it in hers.  It's hilarious!  Ethan is so laid back that he doesn't really seem to mind it or if he does he sure doesn't show it.  She also goes after any and all toys he is playing with.  I give her her own toy and then give Ethan his own and she always wants what he has.

She likes to sit up and see what is going on around her, her favorite thing to stare at is our dog, Baxter.  She loves him.  Every time he is around she reaches for him and giggles.  He likes to lick feet and the babies feet are no exception.  I have been trying to teach her to be gentle because she grabs his fur and ears and even snout.  He is so good with her and just loves that he is getting attention.

She loves to sing in the car or when she is tired.  She doesn't love to be put down, especially if I am in the room and will flail her arms or do the saddest chirps and cries to get picked up.  She doesn't like to share and when she is uncomfortable she will make it known.

This month brought on lots of changes.  First, we started them on solid foods.  I am determined to make their baby food and it is so much easier than I ever thought possible.  I made rice cereal and they absolutely hated it, then I made peas (They both hated them at first, Ethan liked them the second time and Ellie finally liked them the third time), zucchini (they actually both liked it), sweet potatoes (they LOVE) broccoli (not big fans but will eat it) and peaches (surprisingly Ellie's least favorite, she hates them).  Our pediatrician told me the only thing I should buy rather than make is carrots so I bought those and they went over okay but not great.  I have really enjoyed making their food.  It's super easy and freezes really well.

The second BIG change was splitting the babies up and giving them each their own crib.  I think this was hardest on me.  I had been fighting it since before they were born.  I wanted them to be in the same crib because I read so many good things on co-bedding twins.  Brian was complete opposite, he wanted separate cribs from the beginning but being the good man that he is he didn't fight me on it, only putting up the argument that we should get a second crib, just in case, and keep it in the garage.  The day came that Ethan headbutted Ellie and then got his own leg stuck through the railings on the crib and that was it, Brian built the second crib and had it in their room the same day.  The first couple nights were rough, a few times I had to put them in the same crib for them to sleep but they soon got used to being on their own and now sleep just fine.

I am loving being a mom, one of my favorite parts of the day is hearing both babies happily "talking" when they wake up from their naps.  Ellie loves to squeal and see how high she can make her voice and Ethan just sits up and plays with his toys grunting and jibber jabbering.

They both are saying Dadadadada and Brian is just LOVING it.  It's funny because when they are sad and crying they say Maaamaaa which I love so we are both happy campers.

They are super easy babies and will go to anyone.  They rarely cry and love to play.  I can tell they are starting to get a little clinging but I read that is a good thing.  I think this next month they will start to develop that stranger danger instinct so if they seem reserved that's probably why.

(We did their monthly photo at the end of the day and Ethan was a little restless and Ellie a little tired)