Monday, November 9, 2009

It's FALL!

I must admit I am getting Christmas decorating fever! I blame it on the fact that last year I didn't get to decorate because we were moving and therefore feel that it is high time to brush off the dust and break out all my fun Christmas decorations! A week ago I had made up my mind that I was going to decorate for Christmas early... after all it is MY house and I don't have a ton of fall decorations anyways... but once I voiced my plan I was immediately told not do and to enjoy the fall while it's here... I must admit... Fall is my favorite season so I guess I should embrace the time. Only problem was that I had very few decorations and due to our circumstances I didn't want to rush out and buy more.... HOWEVER.... today I got the urge to go to Michaels after work and was, to put it lightly, absolutely thrilled!

I only spent $26!

All of the garland was only .99 cents a stem!I got the big pumpkins for $3 each and the little pumpkins for .35 cents each!

I love these cream glittered ones! They go great in my downstairs bathroom.

I got this arrangement for $3 and the vase for $5. They are my favorite colors and trust me, this picture is not doing them justice!

This beauty was only $1.99!!!

I found these at Target last year and waited until they were on clearance for $4!

Two years ago I made myself, my mom and my mother-in-law this FALL sign, it was so fun! Also so much work!

These candle holders were also on sale!

Gosh I LOVE FALL and all the SALES!!!

The table runners are a little project I have been working on, they are double sided, one for fall and the other is Christmas color striped. I still have to take them and get them pressed so they are flat but I think they turned out well. :-)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Husband Can SEW!

So ever since we got our puppy Baxter, Brian has asked if at some point I could make him a bed. Well we ended up buying multiple beds for this pup because it was cheaper and easier in the short run… well those did not last…. Baxter likes to play this game where the second we leave him alone with his bed it becomes this monster that he absolutely has to rip to shreds as quickly and efficiently as possible. Four beds, one comforter and multiple pillows later we discovered this lady who makes dog beds out of duck canvas material that is “chew proof,” only problem is that they are $80 each! Well we succumbed and bought one and by no fault of it’s own it shrunk when we washed it…. Not to mention that all of the pillows that were in it got demolished soon after… I absolutely refused to buy him another bed for a long time… well last week Brian went to Joann’s with my mom to get fabric for our Halloween costumes and found duck canvas! So he bought some maroon duck canvas (for a lot cheaper than the first one we bought) and brought it home. The very next day I get an email with a picture attachment that looks like this….

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Brian not only mastered my sewing machine, but made a professional looking dog bed, zipper and everything! He even wrote his name on them. AND if that wasn’t enough, he salvaged some left over material and made a SECOND one for his office! I think we know who the seamster is in our house! Great job honey!

Oh and incase you’re wondering why his foot is all taped up, it’s because something pricked him on one of our walks and then made the toe swell, we took him to the vet and they cut it open to make sure nothing was in there. He is fine now… THANK HEAVENS for puppy insurance!