Monday, August 13, 2012

6 Months!

19lbs. 13oz. (80%), 28 1/2 in. (98%), HC 45 (93%)

My big cuddle bug!  He is so squishy soft that I can't help but squeeze and kiss him every time I pick him up!
He is wearing size 2 diapers and size 6-9 month clothes
He has no teeth but loves chomping on teething toys and drooling on his fingers

He is rolling and planking!
SO close to sitting up by himself
He can sit up and hold his own weight if we sit him up
He is VERY interested in food, he watches me eat all the time
He smiles all day to mama but still has a blank stare with all most anyone else
He scoots backwards
He almost always wakes up happy
He almost always falls asleep in his CARS float boat in the pool
He is immediately soothed with his pacifier
He talks more to himself than anyone else

16lbs. 7oz. (30%), 27 1/2 in. (85%), HC 44 (75%)

Our little Peanut Girl is more smiley and giggly than ever!  She is so alert and social!

She is wearing size 2 diapers and size 6 month clothes
She still has no teeth but is always chomping on things and happily drooling

She finally rolled over!
She still doesn't like her belly
She sleeps on her side
She sucks her thumb and grabs the closest fabric in the same hand when she is tired
She sleeps on her side
She loves to suck other peoples thumbs
She loves to sing, sometimes she sings herself to sleep
She smiles at EVERY ONE!
She is SO ticklish!  Her little ribs and thighs and neck are all little sweet spots of joy!
She does NOT like being put down
She LOVES to hear how loud and high she can scream
She recognizes the song Popcorn Popping

Ethan and Ellie are starting to notice each other more and more.  They like to grab each others faces and hands and put them in their mouths.

We took them to Lake Mission Viejo for the 4th of July fireworks and were interested to see how they would do with the loud sounds, they were mesmerized!  We spent the night celebrating with Kevin and Sarah Helfrich at Kevin's grandma's house on the lake. It was a lot of fun and the babies got a lot of attention!

We also took them to the OC Fair on July 25th.  They were great!  I think it was major sensory overload because when we got home they were zonked out.

They are still sleeping pretty good.  I put them down at 8, they wake up between 4 and 6 and then sleep until 8, up for an hour then back down for 1-2 hour nap then up for 2 hours then back down for 1-2 hours then up :o)

Being a mom of twins is a LOT of work.  It takes so much just getting out the door and running simple errands.  Luckily this month I have been able to recruit Cameron to keep me company.  We have gone shopping I don't even know how many times.  Everyone pretty much stares at us because they think I am his wife, it's weird.  After that I recruited his girl friend to come with us and Cameron resorted to calling me "Mom." Not cool. Haha.